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The survey of 4,000 retailers showed that adult rental and sales volume increased 100% over the past five years according to industry trade org Adult Video News (which also puts out a monthly publication of that title). The fact that many merchants don''t stock the product makes the statistics even more staggering. video catalog publisher also noted that adult video sales through mail order, the Internet and on CD-ROMs are not included in the survey.The survey encompassed both stores that stock only adult entertainment as well as sites that include such vids among general releases.While 71% of renter/purchasers were men, the segment showing the greatest growth were couples. More than 20% of sales/rentals were by male-female couples, according to the video catalog, while solo film repped 2%.

The video catalog Personal Shopper not only assists customers in finding ideal products, but also provides educational content about the effects of various sexual devices, techniques, myths, and anatomy.If your kids, job and chores have put the brakes on your sex life, this simple plan can get it charging full speed aheadBy the end of a typical day, most happy, loving, devoted couples cannot wait to jump into bed together . . . and sleep. Between deadlines and detergents, carpools and calendars, they hardly have a moment to wonder what happened to the proverbial spark--much less take on the seemingly daunting task of rekindling it

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