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Private is expanding the TV home-shopping program, entitled ''Private Shop'', into the Danish market on May 1st. Further expansion is planned into a number of other European countries and North America over the course of 1999. The full launch of Adult Home Shopping is in conjunction with a major provider of television programming to a number of countries in Europe. The format is legally protected by copyright.''Private Shop'' is a one-hour TV home-shopping program which broadcasts nightly and is geared to the needs of the adult entertainment shopper''s market audience. The Company offers a wide range of its adult entertainment and pleasure enhancement products on TV home-shopping, which include videos, DVD, CD-Roms, lingerie, DVDs and novelty items, offering adult shoppers the opportunity to shop in the privacy of their own homes. Shoppers'' personal data is received and stored in a secure file format, ensuring for the adult shopper both privacy and discreet delivery. The series of programs are now being produced in several languages and are rotated to attract all segments of the mainstream adult home shopping marketplace, while maintaining general public interest and awareness. The introduction of ''Private Shop'' as the world''s first home-shopping medium for adult entertainment products is part of the Company''s strategy to dominate the adult entertainment market on the Internet and in the TV home-shopping markets.

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